Cristina David, contemporary artist based in Bucharest. I studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and at the National Art University of Bucharest, in Romania. In 2007 I received an MA in Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Bergen, Norway My art works were exhibit in galleries and museums from around the world, among which some of the relevant exhibitions venues and contemporary art events are: the Contemporary Art Museum of Bucharest, Video Art Biennial (Tel- Aviv), Shedhalle (Zurich), Kunsthalle Leipzig, Montehermoso Art Space (Vitoria- Spain), Futura Gallery (Prague), Manifesta8- Contemporary Art Biennial (Spain), The Performance Art Institute (PAI) (San Francisco), Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art of Finland (Helsinki), Rotor gallery (Graz)., Motorhalle (Dreseden).
In 2014 my first artist publication was released by Iasi, called Fakes.

Postcards from Mars

Postcard from Mars. The title of this footage series is inspired from a quote of Helgi Bragason (geologist): “There are only two places known to us that have the characteristics of Mars. The one is Mars, and the other is right here in Iceland.”

Postcard for Toma and Lacramioara. Erata: MORCOV, not morcove. My brain was frozen.

Postcard for Odin. Music: John Grant.  Song: GMF.

Postcards for Daria and Marian. This two were an exception from streaming live, they are postcards “written” few hours in advance, due to technical inconveniences.

Footage of a thought

Slow breakfast inspired by slow television: the video work I am reffering to in this footage is of John Smith, The Girl Chewing Gum (1976).

Artist talk